The mine biome is a biome that could be accessed by placing a Fanon:Fools Gold (which could be purchased from Fanon:Gens Gold for 7,555 dollars inside one of the barrels in Wood R Us that could be opened on April 1st) into a hole behind the volcano. Then, a random sound is heard and it will say: “wow, can I have this piece of gold?” And if the player replies with yes, the sounds will say Thanks and it will be consumed and some floor next to it will be lowered down for 10 minutes for every piece of gold the random sound takes away from the player. And if the player replies no, the sounds will say "sorry for disturbing =(" Keep in mind that the player can suffocate in here due to the gasses, like in the end times biome. You can expand the biome by blowing up stones with Dynamite and it also increases the amount of wood that can spawn here.

Wood that spawns here

The biome can spawn gold wood, diamond wood, lava wood, and stone wood. Stone and diamond wood can only be cut with the Fanon:Treasure Axe, for purchase at Fanon:Gens Gold for 45K every April 1st and is next to the Fanon:Fools Gold

Fanon:Stone Wood: $7 per unit for wood $22 per unit for plank

Diamond wood: $30 per unit for wood $95 per unit for plank (however, 1 in 45 trees are diamond)

The default size of the biome is around 4 wood r uses and has a default max tree cap of 30 trees.


This place looks like a darker version of the cavecrawler cavern. The entrance to this biome is about the size of 2 531 Haulers. Inside of it, there are 6 small crystals that cannot be interacted with. there is also a small elevator to take the player out of the biome if the player doesn't want to wait for the 2 platforms to move back up. However you must talk to the person next to the elevator and he will ask for 5K in cash. After that, the elevator doors open and the player has 3 seconds to get on after the elevator doors COMPLETELY open. There is also some dark fog inside the biome that slowly damages the player, and suddenly kills the player after 10 seconds. (but only starts damaging the player if the player was in there 20 minutes or longer)


  • It is better to just lower it for 10 minutes because there is an elevator so you can always get out.
  • One way to make money is to cut all the trees down, and wait for diamond wood to spawn. after you get that, you can keep farming until you have the desired amount of wood
  • You might actually make more money by selling diamond wood to players rather than the wood drop off.
  • Once you start taking damage, immediately go to the elevator, unless you know that the entrance will rise up within 10 seconds.
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