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The Mobblepobble and its variants are items that can be purchased at Wobs for a random amount inbetween $100 and $780. They are found inside the bargain bins.


The Mobblepobble and its variants all have the same white color, making it almost impossible to differentiate them, with the exeption of the Pollily Mollolily and Zobbleqobble as they have unique faces.


If a player is in a 5 stud radius of a Zobbleqobble, it will have a 20% chance to make a quiet, distorted oof sound, and a seperate 40% chance to output a short pulse.

A Mobblepobble and its variants have a random chance to have alterations, making them do different things.


This one is simple, as it just the same but boxed.


Makes the mesh vertex color 0.4, giving it a darker color.


Makes it unable to stay upright. This alteration cant happen on a Zobbleqobble.


Makes it unable to hitch to a vehicle. The Zobbleqobble will also lose its ability to output a signal, and the chance to make a oof sound is reduced to 10%.


Both of these alterations are the same but still display separately. If its given the boxed alteration, there will be a 1% chance to make it a defective or supreme. This will make the preview on the box distorted, with a thicker mouth, weird lighting and uneven eyes. Mobbleqobbles with this variation cant be bought, as wob (page unfinished) will say "Yeah, so, you cant buy that. Don't know how it even got there!".


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