The Mosaic Axe is colorful in appearance with pastel colors in the form of little cubes.

The axe also has tiny particles around it that make it look shiny.


When placing an glass pane (Doesn't matter what size), it has a chance to drop a glass shard, the chances to get this is 1 in 25, when you have 10 pieces of glass shards follow these steps

  1. Put the glass pieces and one Dynamite in your car and drive to the Boat Dock and wait for the Ferry.
  2. Go on the ferry to the and go to the Tropics.
  3. Drive to the maze entrance and drive along the right wall.
  4. Keep going until you find an hatch that has rocks on it, explode the rocks with the Dynamite you brought.
  5. Go down the hatch.
  6. Put the glass shards on the pedestal and the Mosaic Axe will slide out of a hole


Haste, when you press F your axe will speed up and you'll be able to harvest a tree faster than normal, the cooldown on this is 1 minute.

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