The Fanon:Noob is a craftable? NPC that can help you around the game in various ways.


The process of obtaining an animated Noob has two parts. First, the player must construct an effigy of a Noob from 12 tiny floors and any Wobblebobble variant. 4 pieces of Zombie Wood forming a square make up the legs, 4 pieces of Cavecrawler Wood forming a square make up the torso, and two rectangles of Snowglow Wood form the arms of the Noob. The Wobblebobble must be the last part of the effigy to be placed. If the player has constructed the effigy correctly, all of its parts should merge together, forming a loose item that is named "Wooden Statue" when checked. This item can also be traded, cutting down on the time taken to acquire a statue.


Once the player has obtained the statue one way or another, they must bring it and a Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye to the Swamp. Somewhere within the swamp wall facing the Bridge will be a slightly discolored 1x1 indentation. The player must locate this indentation (easier day than night) and insert the unboxed Eye in it. The eye will roll down an unseen ramp, and a large section of the wall adjacent to the indentation will slide open after a few seconds. Within will be a pitch-black cave, save for a mysterious NPC emitting a slight purple glow in the center of the cave. When talked to, this NPC will offer to animate the player's wooden statue for 60048 Money. If the player accepts the offer (and has enough money), a Noob will be added to the player's inventory, stacking if the player owns one or more Noobs already. If the player has more than 3 Noobs in their inventory, the NPC will remark that it's strange the player isn't dead yet, but will still offer to animate additional wooden statues. The door of the cave will slide shut after 30 minutes, but this is not a big problem.


Once one has acquired Noobs, they can be deployed by equipping the Noob and placing it on their base similarly to how one places Blueprints (for 20 Money per placement). Placed Noobs will have a tendency to pick up any loose items (including axes) in their general vicinity. Noobs can be interacted with, with a popup menu appearing by pressing E to talk with the Noob. The menu has several options for behavior, including Follow, Idle, Chop, and Escape. If Escape is selected, the Noob will run off into the distance, roaming the server freely until it shuts down. Noobs come equipped with a default Basic Hatchet, which will not be dropped if the Noob is killed by a Chop Saw, water, or similar things. Whenever a Noob dies, it is repackaged into your inventory. They are generally complacent and cannot attack the player. If more than three Noobs are deployed at one time, however, they will group together, move to your Land, and raze it to the ground, destroying everything but the land itself. If any Noobs are not on one's land when one leaves or reloads, they will simply be repackaged into their inventory. Finally, if one tries to drop a Noob from their inventory, a warning will pop up asking them if they are sure they wish to drop it. If "Yes" is selected, a Wooden Statue will appear in front of the player (which can be reanimated again.)

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