The Nostalgic Axe is an Axe that is only available on October 23 (The creation date of the original Lumber Tycoon 1)


The Nostalgic Axe does not have a box, it has a rather nostalgic and older appearance due to it not being a mesh and made with normal roblox parts. The handle is a normal block part, the blade has two wedges connected to look like a blade


The Nostalgic Axe works the same as it does in the original Lumber Tycoon, these features are:

  • Showing the amount of health the tree has before being chopped. (This feature can be used when cutting a tree to see how much health it has during the use of any axe)
  • It does not make a chopping sound when chopping a tree.
  • The animation of the chop is the default roblox attacking/using animation.
  • The damage is randomly generated, it can go up from 1 to 10
  • The swing cooldown is 3 seconds


To get the nostalgic axe, you must obtain the following items:

After obtaining these items, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Shrine of the Sight and use the Dynamite to unlock it
  2. Place the units of Phantom Wood and the unit of Spook Wood on the left hole.
  3. Place the units of Sinister wood and the unit of Cavecrawler wood on the right hole.

After that, the door of the Shrine should open and emit a cutscene with the Nostalgic Axe floating down with heavenly choirs playing in the background.

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