Phantom Cherry Wood, is a phantom version of Cherry Wood. It's a common wood found in the End Times Biome Expansion. It spawns alongside Phantom Oak Wood, Phantom Elm Wood and Phantom Wood.


It has a Institutional White color and Sand texture for its bark and has a Really Black color with a red tint and Neon texture for its interior. It appears as an cherry tree but with the bark of Phantom Wood, and the leaves of a Cherry Tree.

The tree's logs sell for 10$, and the planks sell for 55$.

This tree can be cut with any axe, but the most effective axe is the End Times Axe, as every axe except the end times axe will only deal 0.1 damage to it. It has the same thickness as Oak Wood.


  1. First, follow the steps and enter the end times biome. The pathways are very thin, so bring a small car like the Utility Vehicle.
  2. After finding a Phantom Cherry Tree, cut it down with an End Times Axe.
  3. Then wait for the bridge to surface (you might even collect some other woods in the meanwhile).
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