The Pick-axe is an axe that is used specifically to chop Fanon:Rock Wood and Fanon:Gem Wood trees and to harvest Fanon:Crystals from the bottom of the Lost Cave. When chopping a Rock Wood or Gem Wood tree, It would have a damage of 1.8, Whilst when chopping any other tree it would have a damage of 0.00. The axe has a range of 12 and a Swing Cooldown of 1.5.


The Pick-axe looks like a regular pickaxe with a wooden shaft and a polished iron head. The axe would use the model of the average ROBLOX pickaxe.


The box of the Pick-axe has a decal of the Pick-axe on each side with a slate texture and stone grey color.


The Pick-axe would be obtained by:

  1. Drive / walk to the Volcano entrance.
  2. Use a piece of Dynamite to blast the Rock Bridge down to above the Rock Bridge Cave.
  3. Climb up on the rocks on the opposite side of the Volcano.
  4. Make your way up to the Fanon:Rocky Hillside.
  5. To your left, you should find Fanon:Rick's Rocks.
  6. Purchase the Pick-axe for 4,500 cash.
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