The Preserved Enlarged Whale Eye is an item thats used to harvest Reality Wood, it can be bought at Bob's Shack in the same place you would've found the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye for $400,306 Money, as a part of the 2020 Fanon Update. This is currently the 3rd most expensive item that was ever available for purchase along with the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye, next to the Pineapple painting. It is cheaper to buy the item from a player rather than the shop.


This item's box is one of the few boxed items to have a unique box texture. The box itself is Light Blue and has a picture of the eye on two sides. The eye itself has a circular blue iris, and the eyeball is a sphere and also uses the same model of the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye but with a diffirent texture.


The eye can be used to hover the Bridge to access the Reality Wood. This can be done by balancing the eye into the small circular hole in either one of the Bridge Booths, then paying for the bridge to be hovered. Having another player hold the eye in the hole will also work. However, take note that the eye will be consumed and cannot be retrieved.


(P.S This Reality stuff will be my final fanons on this wiki. I will be leaving the fanons for now but I will stay in the wiki and talk and give opinions on fanons, if I get fanon of the month on anything I made I will comeback)

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