Prime Wood is a rare wood that only spawns on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, as they are prime numbers (2,3,5,7). The wood has the same amount of health as Spook Wood.


The Prime Wood has a purple exterior, with a white interior. This wood closely mimics the color pallet of Twitch. As the name is based on Twitch Prime.

The wood emits white particles. This is present in the logs and planks aswell.

This wood actually takes 1% more to fill in a blueprint, requiring 10% as it is a prime number.


Prime Wood only spawns in hard to reach locations, such as

This wood can be cut by any axe, but is best cut by the Pog Axe, dealing 12.4 damage to it. Also note that only 1 Prime Wood spawns per server, making it very hard to obtain.

Thanks to TheGmaster1 for creating the model of Prime Wood!

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