This type of wood grows on top of the Maze and take 2 hours to reach maximum size. It is about the size of Phantom Wood. It has most of the colors of the rainbow. Similar to gold, spook, and sinister trees, rainbow trees do not grow leaves. It's similar to the Phantom Wood and the best axe recommended for it is the Fire Axe since it does a total of 8.9 damage. It is very thick and nearly as thick as Koa Wood!

This concept tree has been made by many users throughout the years; earliest known recording of the conception was sometime in 2016. During the time, multiple players including YouTubers recorded occurrences where they "found" rainbow trees in-game; all of these occurrences, of course, were false.


The Rainbow Wood has a density of Neutronium, which is why you may need the Fire Axe (8.9 damage) or the The Many Axe (10.9 damage) to chop down the Rainbow Wood. It also has a density of 2.5 which is the 4th highest tree density.


Materials needed: An axe (either the Fire Axe, or the Many Axe), a long plank of any type of wood (Elm Wood is recommended), a Val's All-Purpose Hauler (For carrying large logs of wood), and at least 800 Money for heading to and back on the Ferry.

If these instructions are followed correctly, you will have a successful harvest:

  1. Head to the Tropics.
    • Use the Ferry, as glitches will not work to get to the tropics.
  2. Locate the Maze.
  3. Use a long piece of plank to go to the top of the Maze, and locate the Rainbow Wood tree.
  4. Head back to the Main Biome.
    • Go back into the ferry to get to the Main Biome and drive the logs to your base to sawmill them.
    • A Sawmax 02 or Sawmax 02L is recommended for milling this tree.
  5. Sell the planks at the Wood Dropoff or use them in your builds.
    • It is recommended to sell the planks, as one unit is $1098 Money, meaning you can get rich very easily!
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