The Reality Biome also known as the New Times Biome or the Skyland would be added in the 2022 Fanon Update (again don't quote me on this plsplspls), It is one of the only biomes in game to be located in the sky. The skyland can be played and explored here. (P.S This Reality stuff will be my final fanons on this wiki. I will be leaving the fanons for now but I will stay in the wiki and talk and give opinions on fanons, if I get fanon of the month on anything I made I will comeback)


To access the Reailty Biome, you must head over to Bob's Shack and buy a Preserved Enlarged Whale Eye for $400,306, after that the player must bring it to either Merely or Seranok's Tollbooth. The player must balance the eye on the small circular communication hole on the booth. It is recommended to place a few logs behind the hole to help balance the eye. The player must speak to Seranok or Merely (Depending on which side of the bridge the player is seen) to lower the bridge for $100 money. This action will consume the eyeball. It is recommended the player also buy more time from either Merely or Seranok, which can be purchased in 3 minute increments for $100 Money each. It is recommended to not purchase over 25 minutes of time, as spending too long in the biome will cause the player to quickly lose health until they die.

After purchase, the bridge will start to levitate upwards revealing the Reality Biome as a Skyland, you will see the Reality Tree, bring your New Times Axe(Because other axes would fall to the ground if the player does not use the New Times Axe) and harvest the tree


Reality Biome in all its glory

The Reality Biome is a Skyland which means it is located in the sky, it has a waterfall and three mountains along with 3 benches and some big rocks with a cobblestone path leading to the Reality Tree. The first bench is empty (But in the game suggestion it contains both xXNINOPLAYYXx and Evan4ik T-posing and standing instead of sitting as a tiny easter egg. It won't be in the actual game that is if it gets added) The second bench contains a very sad and dissapointed Electro (ElectroTech), and a relaxed and calm Jack (JackUK). The third bench contains a happy Josh (Defaultio) and a suprised Heath (Heath Haskins aka Codeprime8).

People on the bench.

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