Reality Wood also knows as New Times Wood or Skyland Wood would be the opposite variant of Phantom Wood, it is located in the Reality Biome, it is the only type of wood in game that sells more when unprocessed instead of when sawmilled. It came out in the New Years 2022 Fanon update. (don't quote me on this ik its impossible ok lool)


Reality Wood uses the same model as Phantom Wood but with the inverted variants of its colours, it resembles Sinister Wood in terms of colours.

It has a Black color and Sand texture for its bark and has a Dark Orange colour and Foil texture for its interior.

It also has very small leaves that have a Neon texture and a Dark Orange colour.


Reality Wood is the only type of wood thats sold more unprocessed instead of when its sawmilled due to it being the opposite variant of Phantom Wood, the prices are:

  • Log = $420
  • Plank = $150

If two planks of Reality Wood and Phantom Wood are 5 inches front of each other, they will stray further from each other just like Frost Wood planks slide. However, doing the same but instead of using Phantom Wood and use Sinister Wood instead will get them to get closer to each other.

Since Reality Wood is as rare as Phantom Wood, there would be an in game script/mechanic that makes it so if the Reality Tree touches the main biome out of its Skyland, It'll start to lose its branches until it gets to the stem every 3 minutes. However if it falls in the Ocean, it will not start to die at all due to its rarity. But if it falls in the End Times Biome (that is if its somehow open..) it will lose its branches every minute.

Reality Wood is only choppable with the New Times Axe just like Phantom Wood is only choppable with the End Times Axe.[1]


Before proceeding, the player must have these essential items, which play a vital role to harvest the wood:

  • A vehicle (optional, but recommended for efficiency)

Once acquired, the player must follow these guidelines to have a successful and effective harvest:

  1. Position the eye to the circular hole in one of the Bridge Booths, then agree to pay to lower the Bridge. The circular holes are located at the glass on the booths' front sides. Once the eye is balanced and motionless, the player must talk to either the Bridge operators, Seranok or Merely, to pay for the Bridge. To know if it has been prompted successful, Merely will say "WOW THANKS!", while Seranok, on the other hand, will say "OH, THANKS!" If the player wishes to extend the three-minute timer of the Bridge, he/she can by paying another $100, and another three minutes will be given. This extension can be presumably extended forever..
  2. Land on the Bridge's platform and wait for it to lower until it connects with the diamond plate connector in the Reality Biome.
  • The Bridge will start levitating up to reveal the Reality Biome until it hits a diamond plate connector and it is advisable to refrain from moving the vehicle, bringing a vehicle will lead you to experiencing glitches. Follow the Cobblestone path that leads to the reailty tree and harvest it.

Thats all you need! Good Luck!


Reality Tree Link

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