The Entrance

The Sub-Asian region is a fanmade region located behind the Taiga region, an entrance comprised of three rings with skeleton stacks, leading into sandy terrain. The Sub-Asian region has no shops, but has a flowing oil spring and lots and lots of oasis

The Sub-Asian region is split into two parts - the lower featuring Boa and Egyptian Trees, and the upper featuring Cacti and Egyptian trees.

Egyptian trees are solely found in the sub-asian region, and are worth 3.4 dollars per log, and 24 dollars per plank.

Boa trees are found near the oasis and has 4.8 worth logs and 45 dollars if planks are sold, they are very big trees that needs the max upgraded saw mills to mill them.It takes 5 hits to bring them down with a many axe. And a lot of hits if its a plain axe to chop it.

Cacti are found only in the upper sub-asian region, and are worth 3.2 dollars per log, 18 per plank. This makes the Cacti, in pricing, the same as Fir and Pine. However, Cacti can be cut in 1 hit via Rukiryaxe, and this makes it very well suited to grinding.

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