The rock tree is a tree added for the purpose of use in bases as a rock texture, it spawns exclusively on rocks at the Fanon:Rocky Hillside behind the volcano, it can only be chopped with the Fanon:Pick-Axe which is bought at Fanon:Rick's Rocks.


The rock tree's bark has a bright yellowish orange color and a cobblestone texture, the plank of the tree is entirely different and has a slate texture with medium stone grey color.

The tree takes fairly long to grow (about 24 minutes) and grows horizontally, the tree's branches split in triads and under. Occasionally a branch will grow near to the base of the tree which can be chopped off for the extra wood, trees that grow extra branches tend to be the best trees to use for maximum units of wood.

A tree once chopped may turn out to be a Fanon:Gem Wood tree, these are expensive and should be used for selling.


Before harvesting the tree you will need these items (A total of $4,720 for cost)

Once acquired, the player must follow these guidelines to have a successful harvest:

1. You must make your way up the mountainside to the rock bridge

2. You must set off the Dynamite next to the rock bridge so that the way is clear

3. Enter the Fanon:Rocky Hillside

4. Harvest the trees using the Fanon:Pick-Axe and exit the way you came in

Suggested originally by Trainsparency

Reimagined by FelinesGoneFaster & CitrinePixel

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