The rocky hillside is a small Biome located next to the Volcano. It is the Biome where you can obtain Fanon:Rock Wood and Fanon:Gem Wood. It is also where Fanon:Rick's Rocks is located. Small rocks fall down the hill constantly, each dealing about 25 damage to the player.


To enter the Rocky Hillside., all you will need is a piece of dynamite.

  1. Walk / Drive to the volcano entrance.
  2. Climb up to the Rock Bridge, and explode it using the dynamite.
  3. Climb the rocks and follow the path until you find yourself in the Rocky Hillside.


The rocky hillside looks like a flat area made out of Brown Slate, with a large slope that has several risen spots topped with grass, with growing Fanon:Rock Wood and Fanon:Gem Wood trees on top, alongside a few ramps and a trench at the foot of the slope, seemingly formed from the impact of thousands of falling rocks.

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