The Sobbledobble is an item that can be unwrapped from the Sobbing Gift of Sadness, a gift that can be purchased at Link's Logic for $2,199. Unlike the other gifts, the Sobbing Gift of Sadness is upside-down when found in the store.


The Sobbledobble shares the same aspects with all the Wobbles, except from its gray coloration, and it frowns instead of smiling.

The Sobbing Gift of Sadness has the same design as the other wobble gifts, except the gift is grey and have black ribbon. The gift also has a noticeable stain on the top.


Unlike other wobbles, the sobbledobble doesn't have the property to stay upright at any position, and instead acts like a normal item. It can also be hitched onto vehicles and will swing around the hitch.

If a player is in a 10 stud radius of a sobbledobble, it will make a faint, slowed down "oof" sound. This will output a signal the whole time a player is near, making it useful for automatic doors and other machines.

It can be burnt in the vulcano or Lighter similair to turkey. It has 5 stages, with each stage removing 1 stud of detection radius. Burning stages can be reverted by letting it sit in the Taiga, with 10 minutes per stage to revert it. An alternative is to put it in the water to revert it at 1 second per stage, but this is risky as it might fall into the water and be (almost) unrecoverable.


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