The Taiga-Tropics Mountain Road is a road that connects the Taiga biome and Tropics biome, via the Tropics Peninsulas and Ocean Cove. While the road is very easy to access, being accessible near the Winter Cabin on the Taiga side, and between Link's Logic and the Maze on the Tropics side, it is very hard to navigate. It is not recommended to bring along trailers, or drive a Val's All-Purpose Hauler on the road, due to sharp turns, steep cliffs, above water, and at one point, a hairpin turn, which can possibly get some Vehicles stuck. Due to this being a very remote region in the game, only Fir Wood, Pine Wood, and rarely, Frost Wood can grow along the road. (Spook and Sinister Wood can also grow here during October). You can pass the road in around 5-10 minutes, assuming your vehicle doesn't flip or get stuck along the way.

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