The End Times Many Axe is an axe that can only be obtained on the night of halloween in the Den. The axe's power is mind blowing. It is almost as powerful as the Gold Axe. It is a mix of The Many Axe and the End Times Axe, it shares the same speed as the End Times Axe and the same damage as The Many Axe. It chops most efficient on Phantom Wood dealing 13.4 on it. Its range can go up to 19 units


The End Times Many Axe uses the same model of The Many Axe but with a texture that resembles the End Times Axe's texture, it contains 5 blades just like The Many Axe with the blades containing a few dark purple circular spots, the knob has a monsterous purple smiley face with vicious eyes. And a purple godly glow that presents its power.


The box is made out of wood planks just like The Many Axe's box, it's colour is light purple and it contains 3 bold question marks, if you look closely you can see "The Many Axe" 's ink carved and removed from the box.


The player must obtain all of the following items for the quest:

  • 1 Unit of Phantom Wood
  • 1 Bobbily Wobbily (Unobtainable, can only be bought from other players)
  • 1 The Many Axe (Unobtainable, can only be bought from other players)
  • 0-2 Dynamite (for the boulders blocking the Taiga, depending on how long you stayed in the Taiga biome and the placement of the boulders) (purchasable at Bob's Shack for $220 Money)
  • Lowering the Bridge ($100 Money to lower, unless they have the Super Bridge gamepass. Getting all the materials can be done in less than 3 minutes if done relatively quickly, but an extra $100 may need to be spent to re-lower the bridge if the player is not fast enough). After obtaining all the items above, they must proceed to do the following (ITS A 9% CHANCE TO GET THE END TIMES MANY AXE DURING THIS PROCESS):
    1. Head to the Taiga. This biome can be accessed by going through the biome opening which can be easily spotted by going east at the start of the Mountainside. It is blocked by cubic boulders and is required to be removed by using Dynamite.
    2. Locate the red eagle symbol. The symbol can be found near the southeast corner of the Taiga. Note that it has a faint appearance, meaning it may not be fully visible when viewed from afar.
    3. Put the required items inside the hatch. The hatch which leads to the Den can be easily located by hovering around the snow below the eagle symbol. One can also position the camera angle beneath the snow so the hatch will be visible.

Place the items on the plate of the respective character. Place the Bobbily Wobbily on ZolarKeth's plate, the 1 unit of Phantom Wood on Gusmanak's plate and finally The Many Axe on Rukiryo's plate. By following these instructions and placing the items on the correct plates, the axe will float down the hole of the ceiling and will land upright on the center of the table, with evil laughter playing. -Once the axe flys down, the player who placed the plates in the right order will get the axe due to its rarity

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