Tropiport is a small town located in the Tropics. The town itself acts as a tropics counterpart to the Main Biome, as it contains a Land Store, a general store, and several plots of land.


The woodship.

The Woodship is located on the coast off Tropiport. It acts as much like the Wood Dropoff, as you can bring and sell wood by dropping it off into the ship.

The Land n' Wood store

The Land n' Wood store is a small building in Tropiport.

The store has 2 stories. The first story contains a general store, where randomly selected wares from Wood R Us and Bob's Shack are sold for a higher price than the original. These reset daily and don't contain limited time items. The higher price of the item cannot be higher than the value of the original item. For example: if a Basic Hatchet is being sold, it cannot cost more than $24 money, as it costs $12 at Wood R Us, and 12 + 12 is 24. It's price is a random value between 12-24.

The Store.

The 2nd story is accessed by a truss, and contains a Land Store, where you can buy 1 piece of land, located next to the store for 30,000 money. This land cannot be expanded.

After a player buys a piece of land, they can build on it like a normal plot of land. There can only be 1 piece of land per slot, as usual. When the player spawns in and chooses their slot, and have bought a plot from Tropiport, they can choose to spawn in Tropiport, or in the Main Biome.

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