Very Important man is found in the River tunnel; where you find the biggest platform (Obviously not the Snowglow ramp where the wood spawns) He is kind and sells Fanon: Briefcase and Fanon: Guest axe.


Accessing is simple, but hard. It requires the same methods of going to get Snowglow wood but, going to the biggest ramp. When you reach the biggest ramp There will be a shop similar to Bob's shack, but with glass windows and black metal. You can buy the Fanon: Guest axe and Fanon: Briefcase. It's really hard to get the Briefcase and axe back with you and many might fail causing the player to lose their axes and car. It's most likely that it can be a harsh success; using hacks and exploits may cause the player to be banned or kicked from the game.

So now I know, but, what do I do with The briefcase?

It can be explained just click this link for more information Fanon:Briefcase

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