The Volcano Rock Wood is a wood that is found from the Fanon: AshDelta. It has the purpose of making rock walls a dark color and is an excellent wood for selling when planked.


The exterior looks like Sinister and Spook Wood, while it's shape greatly resembles the Gold Wood tree. It grows on the grass on in the Ash Delta, with the grass the same color as the grass in the End Times Biome where the Phantom Wood spawns.

The logs sell for 5$ per unit, and planks sell for 30$ per unit.


Before harvesting, players have to be sure their heath level is maximum, bring a good axe with a good chop speed and cooldown, and a long plank of any type of wood.

Once these items are aquired, head to the Volcano. Follow these steps for a successful harvest:

  1. Go up the Volcano with the long plank and look for a patch of grey grass.
    • Check the thin ledge on the volcano that circles the top.
    • The ledge will be very narrow, so be sure you have a nice firm direction to go to and make sure that when you are off the ledge, you have to jump back onto it.
    • If you fall into the volcano, just go back up as fast as you can without dying (But it is possible that you will die if you fall into the interior of the Volcano).
  2. Use the long plank to go across the river of lava to harvest.
    • It is essential to make sure your plank is long enough so it will not fall into the lava and burn.
    • Though trees will spawn on the other side of the lava, it can also spawn on the other bank to make it easier for harvesting.
  3. Carry the trees back the way you came and throw them down the Volcano's side.
    • Go back to the edge of the volcano to reach your car so you can drive it down so you can carry the trees back to your base to be planked.

It is important to avoid the lava and make sure you have the right materials. If harvested successfully, the planked version is sure for you to make average money, and is a very nice wood to make for builds that require a rock-looking texture. It can also be used for nice interior cave builds.

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