Water wood is a large tree that grows on the bottom of the Ocean except the River. A maximum of 20 trees grow in the entire ocean. The growth time of this tree is 1 hour. It looks and acts like water. It is one of the most difficult to obtain wood.


Water wood can reach 2.5 units trunk width, is not tall, and extends across the ocean floor. Its silhouette resembles Cavecrawler Wood. His Bark is made of sand the color of the ocean floor. The plank is made of Pastel Blue smooth plastic. It does not collide with other items, has a transparency of 0.3. Unlike water, you cannot swim in it and you cannot drown in it.


It is recommended to use a Gingerbread Axe to cut this wood as it is of the highest range. The best place to get this wood is right next to the Sand Dock and near the beach in the Tropics. Then drive a car there and cut the wood while sitting in the car. You should watch your hp closely and come to the surface every now and then. After cutting, grab the piece and take it ashore.


Water wood can be useful in making pools and other water objects on players Land.

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