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The Wedge is an item that can be unwrapped from the very cube gift (no capitalization), a gift that could be purchased at Fancy Furnishings for $1,600,020 during the 20## Christmas Event.


Every wedge color

The Wedge is a 2x2 wedge part with a random color. its box is gray wedge, with a small image of a red wedge on 1 side.

Possible Colors

Bright red
Bright blue
Bright yellow
Bright green
Bright orange
Royal purple (1/200 chance)
The very cube gift is a blue square gift, with a orange ribbon. It has a small, orange bow on the side of the top.

The gift is a re-textured and re-scaled version of the Wintery Gift of Thanks, a Roblox item.


A Wedge can be anchored in the check menu or when powered, allowing it to float and be walked on. This can be reverted making it a loose item again.


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This page is a fanon, meaning this is fan content and doesn't actually exist in-game.