The Zombie Axe is a axe that is bought from Fanon:Ricks Rocks for $100,500 Money. It does 7.9 damage to any tree and does 11.9 damage to Zombie Wood.


The Zombie Axe has a light green steel, with a dark green handle and has a green strap near the bottom. The box has a green wood planks texture; it contains an image of the Zombie Axe on one side.


To obtain the Zombie Axe, you need to get to the [[Fanon:Rocky Hillside]] with a single piece of dynamite, then make your way to [[Fanon:Ricks Rocks]] and buy the Zombie Axe. Be careful, as small rocks fall down, dealing 25 damage each.


The Zombie Wood is a really strong axe, dealing 7.9 damage to all wood and 11.9 damage to the Zombie Wood. It has a short cooldown of 0.5 seconds and a range of 8 Units.

The Zombie Axe can chop every wood in the game really fast, except for Phantom Wood, as it will simply drop out of the player's Inventory.

This axe is great for cutting a lot of zombie wood but this axe is not like the cave axe or the fire axe since it does a lot of damage to all wood. It mostly deals the same damage like the many axe but faster cooldown.

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