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This page is about Fir Wood. You may be looking for Pine Wood.

Fir Wood is a type of wood that is exclusive within the Taiga. It is commonly confused with Pine Wood. Despite them having the same appearance, they both contrast on special file properties that establish them as different from one another. 


It has a monochromatic brown exterior, but with a cream colored interior, roughly similar to Palm Wood but darker. Its leaves are more rectangular and smaller compared to Pine Wood leaves.

It appears to grow in a larger quantity throughout the Taiga and they grow much faster compared to Pine. The most distinctive characteristic when identifying and comparing both trees in the Taiga is height. Fully-grown Fir Trees often grow to about half the height of fully-grown Pine trees, and they will usually have the same number of trunk log segments or more.

Fir saplings' initial growth stage appears to be more likely to sprout a multitude of leaves in contrast to Pine saplings, which usually have one large leaf.


It is exclusive within the Taiga. To access the biome, one may use dynamite to clear the boulders in the biome's entrance, or just simply pass through the boulders' wide spaces that either players or vehicles can fit in.

It is recommended to use a Silver Axe or better to chop the wood. It is recommended to use a Sawmax 01 or better for milling purposes, as its trees' trunk is large but can easily fit through one of the Sawmax series.

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