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The Fire Axe is an axe that can be obtained from the Fiery Gift of Lumber and chops most efficient on Lava Wood, dealing 6.25 damage. When used on other wood types, it deals damage equivalent to the CHICKEN AXE, 0.6 damage.


The Fire Axe has a bright maroon-colored head, with a subtle reddish-brown handle, and a bright red strap near its base. When unboxed, it will emit fire particles and will be as tall as the Basic Hatchet, making it one of the smallest axes in the game, slightly smaller than the Candy Cane Axe.

Its box has a dark reddish-brown color, and has a picture of the axe on one large side.


The axe could be obtained by unboxing the Fiery Gift of Lumber, which could be purchased for $14,400 money during the 2015 Christmas Event. The gift was removed from the store after the event. Due to how easy this axe makes chopping Lava Wood, many players will buy and sell it, as currently that is the only way to obtain it. Currently, trading is the only way to obtain this axe.

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