The Firework Launcher is a device that, when powered, will launch a firework of one of sixteen colors. It can be purchased from Fancy Furnishings for $7,500 Money and was released on June 24th, 2017.


The box comprises of red, Plastic material with an image of its decal on both its largest sides. The launcher itself is gray and is made of the Metal material. It also sports a button which when toggled, releases a firework in the tube, launching the firework into the sky, where it explodes, expelling colorful particles.

The color of the firework's explosion can be seen on the cone on top of the currently spawned firework. A firework launcher can be adjusted to release a firework into different directions. Fairly loud explosion audio can also be heard when the firework detonates.

The fireworks inside the tubes will disappear when launched but can be respawned for $20 Money.

There is a total of 16 colors that the fireworks can be:

Brown, Really Red, Maroon, Pale, Purple, Red, Darker Pale, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Brick Red, Light Blue, Dark Green, Cyan, Dark Blue and Hot Pink.

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