Frost Wood, commonly referred to as Ice Wood, is a type of wood that grows at the Taiga Peak, added into the game on May 13th, 2018. In the ChangelogDefaultio wrote "Let's get icy" to mark its addition and to bring players to the Taiga. Depending on how long it takes the player to retrieve some, it may require 1 or 2 dynamite due to the explosion of the rocks.


The log's exterior consists of a smooth white bark. However, in the interior, it sports an ocean blue color with the Roblox ice texture. The leaves of this tree have the Roblox glass texture and due to this, other Frost Wood leaves cannot be seen through another Frost Tree's leaves. The plank is slippery due to it being ice. The amount that the plank slides is determined by the coefficient of friction inherent to the material it is sliding on. Even after filling in blueprints, the wood will maintain its slippery qualities. This has inspired many players to explore the possibilities of this wood.


Frost Wood can be harvested from Taiga Peak. One will need dynamite to clear up the boulders blocking the entrance to the Taiga. Frost Wood can be cut with all axes, with the exception of the Candy Cane Axe. As with all trees, the speed at which one may harvest the tree is related to the strength of the axe the player is using.

When driving to the Taiga Peak, the player will encounter a small bridge-like structure which is hard to pass
Bridge structure

Bridge-like structure

when using a vehicle. It is recommended that one leave their vehicles here and walk the rest of the way up as there is a high possibility of them falling and landing upside-down or getting stuck on the edge. When cutting trees, there is a specific cliff side where it is slippery, so one can throw the trees off and they should land under the snow arch near the entrance to the Taiga Peak, next to the Winter Cabin. Note that the path leading to the Taiga Peak has some snow on it, and it might obscure cliffs or drops, so be careful when driving. This is the most expensive commonly obtainable wood in the game, so if a player is looking to get money but doesn't want to risk going up the volcano, this is a very good choice. However, this money-making method is quite time-consuming.
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