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Gamepasses were introduced on the January 5th, 2020. Gamepasses allow for a player to gain access to certain things within the game without the use of money. You can find Lumber Tycoon 2 gamepasses here.

Super Blueprints


Super Blueprints is a gamepass which can be bought for 720 Robux. It allows the player to have Easy Building on all of their Land plots. It changes the visual aspect of the blueprint book and UI to a gold color. Your plot will also change color from brown to a brownish-green. Without the Super Blueprint, the Easy Building costs $10,009,000 from the Strange Man.

Super Bridge


Super Bridge is a gamepass which can be bought for 220 Robux. It allows the player to lower the Bridge free of charge; however, the player will still need to pay money in order to buy more time to keep it lowered. You are able to use the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye to get Phantom wood, despite not having to pay for the bridge. Upon interacting with Seranok when the gamepass has been bought, he will say "Hello super sir or madam, let me just lower this bridge for you!" and promptly lower the bridge immediately.

Super Hoove


Super Hoove is a gamepass which can be bought for 390 Robux. It allows the player to ride the Ferry free of charge. Upon interacting with Hoover, he will say "Well you're a super hoove so you don't need a ticket.... : /" and will allow the player to ride the ferry without having to pay the $400 fee.