The Gloomy Seascape at Dusk is a painting that can be purchased at the Fine Arts Shop in The Maze for $16,800 Money. It was one of three paintings released on September 26th, 2018, the others being the Pineapple and the Arctic Light, as part of the 2018 Halloween Event, but was left in-game when the event concluded.

This item was suggested in a pack made by multiple wiki users, Jac16king, Unikarnz, Trainsparency and Fjalon. The frame was sculpted by Trainsparency.


This painting is larger than the Arctic Light, but smaller than the Title Unknown. It features a cloudy sky with small trees and a sea, almost in a noir gradient. Its box is plain white in color and its frame is dark grey. No other painting as of now has the same frame as it sport.

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