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The Gold Axe was the best tool for chopping wood in the game. The axe had the highest hit damage to trees, equivalent to 5 chops from The Many Axe , and was capable of chopping down almost any tree in a single hit due to its 50 damage count.

Only two users are known to have been able to use the Gold Axe. Before the axe's removal, Defaultio was the only user to use the axe. However, EpikYummeh, an early tester of the game, was temporarily permitted to use the axe to speed up progress while Defaultio tested the incubator program.


The axe's handle and head are made out of Smooth Plastic with 0.6 reflectance and the Roblox color "New Yeller", making it the only axe that doesn't use a texture. The box of the axe is brown and plastic, along with the text "IT'S GOLD", and its decal.


During the very start of Pre-Alpha testing, the axe was availible in Wood R Us next to the Stone Axe. After a few days of public testing the axe was removed from the store, only to be spawned in by Defaultio.

On June 11th, 2017, the axe was automatically deleted whenever a server initialized. Sometime between October and November 2017, exploiters found a way to import the axe into the game.

Soon after, players made videos about how to obtain it and it became extremely popular. The game's creator, Defaultio, removed the axe from the game files completely to prevent more exploitation.

An example of the Gold Axe's potential.

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