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Gold Wood is a common wood type located in the Swamp, along with Zombie Wood. It is slightly worth more than Lava Wood, but the time-consuming traveling to get Gold Wood deters most players from getting it and instead harvesting Lava Wood or Frost Wood. It was added on August 28, 2015.


The tree does not grow any leaves, commonly assumed to be fully grown or dead. It grows fairly tall, with branches spreading narrow. On fully grown trees, there may be extremely tiny branches, which forces players to configure their sawmill's cross-section setting to be small to process these sections. The exterior is dark brown, with the interior being bright gold.

It is noted that trees spawning within the Swamp have a large fluctuation, making trees larger among others. It can also be seen growing through the walls surrounding the swamp.


It is recommended to have a Silver Axe or better to effectively chop it. A Sawmax 01 or better is recommended to process all of the tree.

Using the Rock Bridge is the recommended route to getting to the Swamp, however, this requires the player to have Dynamite along with them. A more in-depth guide can be seen here. The Safari Mountain Passage can also be used to enter the Swamp but is less efficient due to not being able to bring a vehicle to haul chopped trees. Other methods can include long planking up the mountain or using door bridges.

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