The Green Box is a hidden and mysterious object at the end of the Lava Cavern, which can be found by going through a secret walkway in the Volcano Obstacle inside the Volcano.


The Green Box is actually colored white, but the green sparkles it is emitting makes it appear green. The box spins around and has no texture.

When touched, a popup will appear on your screen reading "Your success has been noted.", but does nothing else. Defaultio himself hasn't stated what the specific purpose of this feature is, and thus, has caused many to speculate about it for years. One of the most accepted and well-known theories regarding the purpose of the Green Box is that it used to be bait for exploiters and hackers, however, as said above, it is not yet confirmed. Another well-known theory is that when a player touched the box and had his success 'Noted' Defaultio would grant them a rare axe or loose item later on in the game.



The popup that will appear when you touch the Green Box.

There are two known ways to access the Green Box; both are advisable to be done with teamwork. All methods are extremely difficult and require effort and patience, so beware.

Below are the two known methods that a player can use:

Lava Cavern Pathway:

This method is the original, and the only method that does not use glitches to get to the green box.

A player must manage to plank a long piece of wood, go up the Mountainside, get up the Volcano Obstacle, and drag the long piece of wood down the Lava Cavern. If long enough, a player can adjust the position of the wood, and use it as a bridge to reach the Green Box.

Boulder Cave Pathway:


The narrow path in the Underground Grove that can be used to get the Green Box.

Two players must push themselves in the small opening inside the Boulder Cave. If a player manages to glitch through that small opening, he must act quickly and walk through the Underground Grove. He must walk through a narrow area, and if the roof of the Lava Cavern is directly to the right of the player, he must jump to the right and  down a small opening in the ceiling of the Boulder Cave.

Missing Green Box, possibly broken server.

[NOTE: This pathway was attempted to be fixed by Defaultio by placing a wall over the roof of the Green Box. However, there is still a tiny crevice that wasn't covered, making the Green Box still accessible through this pathway. Therefore, this method is not patched.]


On very rare occasions, the Green Box will disappear. This is due to an error of a script that handles the Volcano. This is done to prevent players from getting the Green Box without being damaged by staying inside the Volcano for too long, or even from taking damage by touching the lava in the Volcano Cavern.