Gusmanak is one of three characters of the Den, located in the Taiga and can be seen sitting on the left side of the table. He is based on the Roblox game developer, Gusmanak, who developed the game Apocalypse Rising. He cannot be interacted with, including dialogues and change of position and location.

He plays a crucial part in the Rukiryaxe quest. As said on one of the Rukiryaxe Posters, he eats dirt, worms, drywalls, licks statues, and steals garbage. Another poster says that Rukiryo is secretly jealous of him and his ducks.


Gusmanak wears a Dominus Aureus, a Game Trailer Video Contest Winner, Gusmanak's Suit Top, Gusmanak's Suit Bottom. He also has the Robloxian 1.0 package.

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