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The Hardened Axe is an axe that can be purchased from Wood R Us store for $550 Money. It is the first axe out of the Normal Axes category to be able to chop Lava Wood. It was added on August 27, 2015.


Its head is bright white, and its handle is vibrant brown, with a cyan-colored strap. Its box has a dull-green color, with a picture of the decal on the longer sides.


The axe can be bought off of the Wood R Us store, hence the player only requires enough Money ($550) to buy it. It is located at the wooden shelf next to where the other axes are, such as the Basic Hatchet, Plain Axe, and Steel Axe.


Unlike the other axes mentioned above, this axe now allows players to cut all trees with the exception of Phantom Wood. Even though its damage is not ideal for efficiency, it is not expensive, which makes it a good throwaway axe when going into risky areas like the Volcano.

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