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Fanon is a section of the Lumber Tycoon 2 Wiki where people can post their ideas and concepts for game features. Users and even visitors should be aware that Fanon concepts will most likely never become canonical, however, we appreciate to see your ideas.

All fanon articles (referred to as works, conceptions, or concepts) must meet the following standards. If not, they will be moved to the user's namespace (referred to as userspace) at the end of the month. Anonymous conceptions that do not meet the requirements will be given a week to update before being deleted, as there is no user to move the concept to (there can be exceptions depending on the concept). The fanon article must be created by the concept creator and the concept must be published onto Roblox.

Fanon articles should be written as if they were pages for real items in the game. Approach creating your page with the same level of protocol and form. Do not write in the first person.

Article Setup


All fanon articles must be placed in the Fanon namespace. This can be done when creating a fanon article by writing a "Fanon:" prefix in the article name. For example, if you wanted to make a concept called "Electric Axe", you would use "Fanon:Electric Axe" as your article name. Any fanon articles without the namespace will be deleted.


Each fanon article must contain
  • The "Fanon" template placed at the top with an author-related field filled out.
    • Inspired games are an exception to this rule, which will use the Game template. Any fanon articles focusing on Lumber Tycoon 2 copies will be deleted.
    • No other template may be used in place of the Fanon templates. Staff will change the template if there is improper use, but will not transpose information to the Fanon template. Responsibility for fixing the template information rests solely on the fanon article's creator.
  • An image of the fanon. The image can be a detailed sketch, drawing, or Roblox model.
  • At least two paragraphs of detail on the concept. This isn't too hard.
  • At least two sections. Staff will review and determine if the content is sufficient.
  • A link to the concept creator's Roblox profile.
  • A link to the published concept on Roblox.
Each concept may not contain
  • Blatant plagiarism, either from copyrighted sources or other conceptions.
  • Conceptual code and nothing else; there must be textual content.
Fanon articles should also meet the Manual of Style whenever possible, but it is not required.


All fanon articles must be properly categorized. All fanon articles must include the Fanon category and other appropriate Fanon categories. Users should not create their own categories unless given permission by Wiki Staff, and should use pre-existing categories.


In the case an existing concept does become canon, a Wiki Staff will move and rename the Fanon article to the main namespace. The article's infobox will be changed and article content will be rewritten accordingly.