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The Lumber Tycoon 2 Wiki's Manual of Style is an extension to the Wiki Guidelines, which every editor of the wiki is required to follow, especially staff. This exists to keep the wiki more consistent and formal. Actions against the user in question for not following our Manual of Style is very uncommon; however, following them will make the wiki a better experience for everyone, and is what we look for in future staff members.

Below is a list of the correct ways to edit the various parts of pages. If you have a question regarding one of these subjects, don't hesitate to send them to any of our Staff members. If you need help with wikitext and/or CSS properties, please contact one of the administrators.

We strongly encourage users to use the "Source Editor" rather than "Visual Editor". This can be used by opening the dropdown tab on the right-hand side of Edit buttons. Visual Editor does not have all the features to effectively edit articles.

The Source Editor can be set as the default editor. Go to here and pick "Source editor" as your preferred editor. We STRONGLY recommend you do so for the ease of editing any source code that cannot be easily edited using the modern editor.



To the right is an example of a Wood infobox. There are several types of infoboxes, and the inputs on each can vary. Using infoboxes can be a complicated process and below is the correct method to add them.

To add an infobox to a page, enter the Source tab, and click the top of the page (unless there are and headings or notifiers, in which you will need to add it below them.) Then, enter double curly brackets around the name of the infobox you want: (Wood infoboxes are Wood, region infoboxes are Area, item infoboxes are Store Item, store infoboxes are Store, gift infoboxes are Gift, axe infoboxes are Axe, and any other pages that don't fit the above use the Misc infobox Misc.)

You can see the syntax for every single infobox in their template pages. All infobox template pages can be found here.


For Wood, Store Item, and Gift infoboxes, All images must be exactly 115px wide. This is for consistency, and has been deemed the perfect size for images.

As with articles, when expressing money, it must be done like so: '''$12'''.


The LT2 Wiki uses the basic MediaWiki headers, which has been customized using CSS. Headings can be inserted by adding double equal (=) signs around the text.

== Example Heading ==


Please don't overcomplicate the heading names. Try to keep them consistent with the headings of pages in the same category. Do not use multiple words in one heading if possible, and keep the headings the original color, unless it is a notifier heading. These should be placed at the very top of articles and are also the original color unless they are extremely important, when the red color is used.



To properly create a gallery (on this wiki), add a gallery at the bottom of the selected page. To do this, enter the file names of the images on separate lines (they can't be links; they must start with "File:" and end with a ".png, .jpg, etc.") Surrounding the lines with the files, you need to add this at the beginning:


and this one at the end of the sequence:


This might not be clear in text, so the end result should look like this:


Galleries must ALWAYS be at the bottom of pages. There should not be any signs or headings that directly indicate it as a gallery; this is for style.

As part of the wiki rules, ALL images must have ALL menus, tabs, bubble & global chat, and (typically) players cropped out of the image. This is not only for style but for consistency. Also, if possible, keep the images taken in the day.



The text of an article is the bulk of the effort put into one and the most important part of any page. As such, we want it to look as professional as possible. This means using correct US grammar and spelling, with as many formal word choices as possible. Unfortunately, the wiki lacks this in many areas.

  • Firstly, in the beginning of pages, bold the name and alternative name of the page. For example: "The Taiga, or Snow Biome, etc..." This guideline exists merely because it has become so common on pages.
  • NEVER use second person when conveying information to the reader; never use "you". Instead, use "The Player" or "one" to describe a hypothetical person. This makes the article much less personal and more straight-to-the-point. Editors that do not abide by this should be reminded by staff.
  • Trivia and theories are highly unwanted on the Lumber Tycoon 2 Wiki, as they are typically informal and can bring false speculation.