Hoover is the operator of the Ferry and is located at an enclosed section at the back of it. He is also referred to on one of the Candy bars.


Hoover wears a YOLO Sailor and Corporate Ninja hat, a White Tattered Blouse, and Dirty Harry Pants. He also has the Robloxian 2.0 package, a grey color of the Daring Blonde Beard, and the -_- face.


"Hi, I run this ferry."

  • "How often do you run?": "This ferry runs every 10 minutes."
  • "When do you next run?": "(number) minutes and (number) seconds."
  • "How much do tickets cost?": "Tickets are $400."
  • "I'll buy a ticket.": "Thanks, we'll be on our way soon!"
  • "Goodbye!": Conversation ends.
  • If player interacts with Hoover while the boat is moving: "We'll be there soon!"
  • If the player has a ticket and attempts to purchase another; "You've already have a ticket!"
  • If the player interacts with Hoover and has purchased the Super Hoove Gamepass; "Well you're a super hoove so you don't need a ticket.... : /"
  • Troubleshooting: If Hoover says: "We'll depart as soon as all passangers have purchased tickets." when everybody has purchased tickets then someone has left the game while on the boat and you should join a new server.

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