The January Mega Update was a progressive update that occurred at the beginning of January 2016. Features brought to the game by this update included:

Boat Dock


The Boat Dock was the first of many January updates. It is where the Ferry docks. The boat dock is the size of several vehicles in length, and hangs above the water by roughly 7-8 units. Rectangular poles mounted on the sides of the dock reach from the platform itself to the ocean floor. There is also a ladder located on the right-hand side of the dock (if facing the ocean) that players can use for exiting and entering the water.

Taiga Mountain Passage

Taiga passage

The Taiga Mountain Passage is a ramp that grants vehicle access to certain parts in the Taiga. At the time of creation, its purpose was unknown, but it now serves as the primary passageway to getting Frost Wood.

Ocean Cove


The Ocean Cove is a geographic feature near the Taiga formed by two peninsulas. It is circular in shape and is filled with water. It appears that this cove servers no purpose, and is just a natural anomaly.

Palm Wood

Screenshot 229

Palm wood was introduced to the Sand Islands in this update. It is currently inaccessible without the use of glitches or exploits.

Tropics Biome

African Grassland

The Tropics was the primary focus of the January Mega Update. It is the only place where Koa Wood grows. Elm Wood and Birch Wood also grow here. The biome is also the entrance to The Maze, where Cavecrawler Wood can be found.

The Ferry


The Ferry is the first and only method of water transport in game; it travels to the Tropics and back to the Main Biome. Hoover operates this Ferry, charging $400 money for a one-way ticket. If a player interacts with Hoover, he states that it leaves every 10 minutes. This is true, but the ferry only waits 7 minutes 40 seconds (as the trip takes 2 minutes 20 seconds). All passengers will have to purchase a ticket before the Ferry departs. Not sitting in a car on the ferry ride will result in the player falling into the deadly iridium ocean.


Cavecrawler Wood


Cavecrawler Wood is a glowing blue wood that was introduced to the Maze in this update. This type of wood can take hours to collect, because players often get lost in the Maze. It was added on January 25th, 2016.

The Maze


A large Maze was added into game on January 25th, 2016. Inside it holds Cavecrawler Wood, a hole leading to the Safari, 3 trapped maze NPCs (Joel, Geck, and Slam), the Cavecrawler Cavern, and the Fine Arts Shop.

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