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Jenny is the owner and cashier of Boxed Cars. She has a friendly attitude and dialogue, similar to that of Thom and Corey. Her store opens later and closes earlier than Fancy Furnishings and Link's Logic.


She wears a Purple Banded Top Hat, a Cat shirt, and Dark Blue Jeans. She also has the Robloxian 2.0 package, and Black and Red hair.


"Find anything you like and put it on the counter!"

  • If an item is on the counter: "Buy this (item name) for $(item price)?"
    • If the player picks "Yes" with sufficient Money for the item price: "Thank you!"
    • If the player selects "Yes" with insufficient Money for the item price: "You don't have enough money you punk!"
    • "No": "Sorry m8"
    • If the item disappears/falls off the counter while attempting to purchase: "Oops, did your item fall off the counter?"
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