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Lumber Tycoon 2 Wiki

Koa Wood is a large variant of wood found exclusively within the Tropics. It is most commonly used to fill in blueprints, rather than to sell it, as it is not an efficient profitable source, and has a unique color.


It tends to grow similar to an elm tree, but slightly smaller in size. Its exterior sports a pastel-brown coloration, while the interior has a bright-brown color, brighter than Walnut Wood. Its log boasts the largest possible thickness in the game with a staggering 4 units, rendering some of its larger and more developed logs unable to fit in even the best sawmill in the game: the Sawmax 02L (or its shorter counterpart, the Sawmax 02 which shares the same maximum log width).

Its logs are also one of the higher monetary-valued logs, as its planks sell for slightly lower than the monetary value of Lava Wood.

It has massive, rectangular cubic leaves, with alternating colors of light-green and dark-green, commonly covering the upper logs of the tree making it look visually taller than it truly reaches. This tree is usually in abundance and not many people travel to the tropics.


Harvesting Koa Wood is costly and takes up a lot of time (If you have the Super Hoove Gamepass then the whole process is free other getting an axe). First, one must go to the Tropics by taking a ride on the Ferry by paying Hoover $400 Money for a ticket. In the Tropics, an abundance of the wood can be spotted.

A Gingerbread Axe is recommended to chop the wood, as it deals 11 Damage due to its specialized purpose to this wood type. If not accessible, a Rukiryaxe or another higher damage axe is recommended for efficient chopping. Most players tend to put the whole tree on the Ferry, and later chop it up at the Main Biome. A Sawmax 01 or better is recommended as the wood is very large for other sawmills to mill.

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