Land, commonly referred to as a player's Base, is an area which, when purchased from Yes! – it's the Land Store, allows players to place their items, structures, vehicles, and blueprints. All nine available plots are located within the Main Biome

When purchasing for the first time, the player will be given a special cutscene where it will show an empty plot with a Land Sign, which can be sold. After this initial purchase, plot extensions will use the same cutscene with the exception of no Land Sign being present.

The player can either save or load a slot in the Load tab in the menu. There are 6 available slots the player can pick. If the player clicks on a slot and clicks "Overwrite slot" or "Save to this slot" from a new game, then the game will ask if the player wishes to overwrite the save or not, even if the slot had no existing data on it. The game will automatically save after this initial save, so it is not required to do this every time. If the player clicks on a slot with data and clicks Load, the game will prompt the cutscene to choose one of nine available plots, provided the slot had any plots bought prior.


A plot of Land is a brown, Concrete textured 40x40 unit square that has the same color as the bark of Oak Wood. When all plots are bought, a 200x200 unit square will be formed. If the player has Easy Building, the plot will appear to have a slightly greener shade.


The first square of land can be purchased from the Land Store for $100. The first land expansion costs $3,000 and each subsequent expansion costs $3,000 more than the last. The total cost to buy and fully expand a plot of land is $900,100


A glitch where Land can be purchased without spending any Money was present before and was abused by many players. The game creator, Defaultio, has now fixed this glitch.

A glitch most likely to occur at a public server is when a player is on the special cutscene purchasing or upgrading a new plot of Land. The brown particles and sound will still be present in the game after the player who bought Land left the game.

Longer planks of wood commonly glitch under the land, with only a single face showing. The only way players can move the plank without removing it entirely is by hovering and rotating an unplaced blueprint over the plank. Another way a glitched plank can be removed is by placing a blueprint on top of the plank. The player may also attempt to remove the plank by cutting it down and moving the pieces about until they glitch out.

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