The Land Sign is a wooden sign that appears on a player's Land whenever the player purchases a plot from Yes! – it's the Land Store for the first time on a save.


It can be obtained by buying a plot for the first time or from another player. When the player buys their first plot of land, the sign will be placed fixedly in the middle of the plot. If a player gets a sign from another player, the sign's text will change to the current owner's name when the player reloads their base.

Once removed, the sign will become a Loose Item, enabling players to carry it anywhere. If the player takes the sign to the Wood Dropoff and sells it, the player will receive a complimentary $400-500 Money. When milled using a sawmill, it'll be a 2.4 unit plank that has the same color as Elm Wood. The plank itself is entirely different than that of Elm wood. It has a different monetary value, and it registers as a completely different type of wood when using the Wood Detector. The plank will still be worth the same amount of money regardless of form.


It has the WoodenPlank and Wood textures and has a color similar to Elm Wood planks. The sign depicts the words "SOLD TO (player's username)". If a player's username is too long, it will extend off to the side of the sign.


A report regarding a player who bought a plot for the first time spawned in two signs inside of each other, glitching each other and none being able to move. The report has currently not been updated or heard of from other players.

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