The Lava Cavern, also known as the Volcano Cavern, or Impossible Cavern, is a geographical anomaly and tunneling system found in the Volcano by Ticktatwert.

The cavern is almost like an inner-ring to the Underground Grove, which are both circling around the Volcano for an unknown reason. At the end of the cavern, the Green Box can be found.

To navigate to the end of the cavern, players typically strech long planks across the platforms within the cavern to go over the lava. The process is difficult and requires teamwork.


The Lava Cavern has the same design as the rest of the Volcano, except for a large number of red particles it releases, as well as the rock wall enclosing it. As the Volcano is difficult to navigate as is, this cavern holds more danger compared to the Volcano obstacle. It mostly consists of deadly lava and is also a health-depleting zone.


The Lava Cavern can be accessed by going into the Volcano, going down the irregular path near the mid-point of the Volcano on the left hand side of the path, and going into the dark tunnel leading to the cavern.

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