Lava Wood, also referred to as Volcano Wood, is the only tree to grow at the peak of the Volcano. It is mainly used as a means of making money, although it is debated that Gold Wood or Frost Wood gives more money in the long run.

An axe specialized for this type of wood is the Fire Axe (and to a lesser extent, the Bird Axe), which does a large amount of damage to Lava Wood, but is not efficient at any other types of wood.


Lava Wood commonly grows to be thick and large, with branching angles similar to Spook Wood, Sinister Wood, and Cavecrawler Wood. It can have a few brown Concrete material leaves, along with a Bright Red exterior with a Really Red interior. Occasionally, the trunk will not fit into the Sawmax 02 or Sawmax 02L. It is recommended to use Hardened Axe or better, due to it's hardness.


Lava Wood can only be reached by successfully passing through the volcano obstacle. After clearing, the tree must be cut down and either dropped from the top of the volcano, or stored in a vehicle and driven down the Volcano. It is recommended to use a Sawmax 02 or better when processing, as fully grown trees can be very large, especially the trunk.

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