Lava Wood (also called Red Wood or Fire Wood) is the only variant of wood to grow at the peak of the Volcano. It is arguably the main source of all money making in the game, aside from Phantom Wood and Gold Wood.

An axe specialized for this type of wood is the Fire Axe (and to a lesser extent, the Bird Axe) which does a large amount of damage to Lava Wood, but is not efficient at any other types of wood.


Lava Wood appears to be a thick and large variant of wood, similar to Elm Wood, Koa Wood, and Walnut Wood. This tree grows with a few brown, Concrete material leaves and sports a Bright Red color exterior with a Really Red interior color. Occasionally, the base of the wood will not fit into the Sawmax 02 or Sawmax 02L, as the tree is mostly made of large branches and logs.

The trees also grows at awkward angles comparable to Spook Wood and Cavecrawler Wood. It cannot be chopped efficiently by a Basic Hatchet, Plain Axe, Steel Axe, and cannot be chopped at all with a Candy Cane Axe.


Lava Wood can only be reached by a player once they successfully pass through the volcano obstacle. After clearing the obstacle, the tree must be cut down and dropped from the top of the volcano to the base. Following this, the player must then transport the lumber back to their base for milling. It is recommended that a player use a Sawmax 01 or higher when milling this tree, as the logs tend to be very large, especially the trunk.

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