Lincoln, commonly known as Link, is the supposed owner of Link's Logic, who is located in the Tropics.

She has a friendly attitude and dialogue towards the player, same with Thom, Corey, and Jenny.


Lincoln wears an Adventure Girl hat, a Woodpecker, a Scientist shirt and Scientist pants. She also has a smile similar to Thom, Corey, and Jenny, and the ROBLOX Girl package.


"Hi, take a look around!"

  • If an item is on the counter: "Buy this (item name) for (item price)?"
  • If the player tries to purchase an item with sufficient Money: "Thanks!"
  • If the player tries to purchase an item with insufficient Money: "Hey, you can't afford that!"
  • If the player does not buy the item: "Hm, sorry. :S"
  • If the item disappeared on the counter: "Oops, did your item fall off the counter?"
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