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Link's Logic is a store in the Tropics. It currently sells wiring items such as Logic Gates (OR Gate, AND Gate, XOR Gate and so on) and Wires (Wire and Neon Wire). Link's Logic is owned by Lincoln, an electrical engineer NPC.

To get to the store, the player must ride on the Ferry on a turnaround trip from the Main Biome to the Tropics, and they must follow the black paved road. The player will then come across Link's Logic.


Link's Logic, like Fancy Furnishings and Boxed Cars, closes at night. The interior of this store has blue carpet and white walls, as well as average-sized grey shelves which the equipment resides. Unlike many other stores in Lumber Tycoon 2, Link's Logic has a different Roblox material for the exterior (Bricks) and the interior (Plastic).

Rought Floorplan of Link's Logic

Noticeably, there is a gap between the cliff walls of the tropics and the rear wall of the store, and even more oddly, there is a row of lights in this back room. However, it is very likely that these lights are merely a result of copying and pasting prior to the addition of the rear wall.

If the player may notice, several shelves are empty, which may hint toward future items that could be placed on them. On August 21, 2016, Neon Wire was added to this shop, although they were placed on a new shelf in front of the main window.


Item Picture Price Short Description
Signal Items
Signal Sustain SignalSustainBoxed.png $520 This will sustain a signal as output for an adjustable period of time.
Signal Delay SignalDelayBoxed.png $520 This item will pass a signal from the input to the output after a set delay time.
Signal Inverter
(NOT Gate)
SignalInventerBoxed.png $200 On to off, off to on.
OR Gate ORGateBoxed.png $260 The OR Gate has two inputs and one output. The output will turn on when either input A or/and B are turned on.
AND Gate ANDGateBoxed.png $260 The AND Gate has two inputs and one output. The output will turn on when both inputs are on. 
XOR Gate XORGateBoxed.png $260 The XOR Gate has two inputs and one output. The gate will give a signal if one and only one input is on.
Clock ClockBoxed.png $902 The clock will turn a signal on and off when in between two specified times.
Laser Items
Laser LaserBoxed.png $11,300 The Laser can only be used with a Laser Detector. As a Laser Detector, it generates a signal output when detecting a laser.
Laser Detector LasterDetectorBoxed.png $3,200 The Laser Detector can only be used with a Laser as it requires a laser being emitted into the detector to output a signal. It will only emit a signal when it detects a Laser going to the detector.
Wood Detector WoodDetectorBoxed.png $11,300 The Wood Detector can be used to create an output signal for one it. When wood is placed inside the hole at the back of the device, it will emit a white laser. 
General Wiring
Pressure Plate Pressure Plate.png $640 The Pressure Plate activates the wire connected to it if an object or humanoid is on it.
Button Button.png $320 The Button activates the Wire connected to the output for about a second.
Lever Lever.png $520 The Lever activates wires connected to the Chop Saw and other things.
Wire WireBoxed.png $205 Wire is a type of metallic string that can lead an electric signal generated from a connected Pressure Plate, Button or, Lever to activate a connected device or furniture.
Neon Wire NeonWires.png $720 Neon wires act just like a wire, but it also gives off a neon glow and the max length is shorter than a regular wire.
Hatch HatchBoxed.png $830 The hatch can help with making automatic wood sorters, gates, traps, doors, and other contraptions.
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