'Load' is a crucial Menu tab that enables players to save or load their Land on one of the Land plots. It is located at the top-left corner of the Menu.


Once its tab is opened, six save slots and a description will appear. The slots will display its number and when it was last saved on and its data size. If progress have not been saved on a slot, it will display as "no save".

Data Size is how many items and structures are in one's Land. It will increase by one number for the items and structured stored in a slot. Loading speed also depends on Data Size; the lower the size, the faster it loads. Loading or unloading bigger sized-slots will also cause partial lag on a server.

To save current progress, one must have at least one plot of Land. Then, they must click Menu, then the Load tab, and select one of the slots the player wishes to save it on. If they did not save before on the slot chosen, the "Save slot" button will prompt, allowing the player to save their progress onto that save slot. If they saved on a slot before, they may either overwrite the slot with the player's current state or reload the slot at the time it was last saved.

When reloading or unloading, however, items and structures that are not currently in the player's Land will not save with the others within the plot. One cannot delete a saved slot but can, however, "reset" the slot by starting over and buying the first plot of Land, then overwriting the slot using the player's current state.


Any forms of disconnections may cause slots to get reset or deleted. While loading or reloading slots, it is not recommended to quit, as slot erasure may happen. While loading, unloading, or reloading, the server will slow down any interaction with items and structures, regardless of location.


Message when opening a slot