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The Lone Cave, also known as the End Times Biome, Abyss, or the Void, is a semi-biome cave consisting of a gray-slated walkway. This place is well-known by players because this is where players can chop and gather Phantom Wood.


This biome is considerably dark and empty, consisting of a very thin, light-blue road in an extremely large black box that is layered by a thick sand padding. The road is shaped similarly to an upside-down Y, with one Phantom Tree per server growing on a patch of soil at the end of the main extent of the walkway (there are no accounts of there being more than one tree at a time).

A rusty bridge connector is to the right extent of the road, and it's where the Bridge connects with the road. On the left extent, there is a hole that will teleport the player to the Safari Hole which will lead to the Safari biome next to the bridge itself.


The method for traveling to this biome is expensive and complicated. It requires numerous items, some of which are not always available. Players can add more time if they like, so it would be a considerably good idea to have one person by one of the Bridge Booths to continuously add time if needed. The items needed are:

  1. A Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye that used to cost $400,306 money from Bob's Shack. (Currently unobtainable from Bob's Shack but you may buy this from other players)
  2. An End Times Axe, which costs at least $7,720 money, obtained by completing the Rukiryaxe quest on Halloween. (Can also be obtained through trading)
  3. Extra money to keep the Bridge lowered.
  4. Recommended: Any type of car to carry the chopped wood.
  5. Optional: Several Worklights.


The player must bring the Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye to either Merely or Seranok's Tollbooth. The player must balance the eye on the small circular communication hole on the booth. It is recommended to place a few logs behind the hole to help balance the eye. The player must speak to Seranok or Merely (Depending on which side of the bridge the player is seen) to lower the bridge for $100 money. This action will consume the eyeball. It is recommended the player also buy more time from either Merely or Seranok, which can be purchased in 3 minute increments for $100 Money each. It is recommended to not purchase over 25 minutes of time, as spending too long in the biome will cause the player to quickly lose health until they die.

After purchasing, the bridge will start to slowly lower, cutting through the water and sand , creating a hole slightly larger then the bridge. After a few minutes, the bridge will connect to the rusty bridge connector in the biome. The player may then carefully drive their car off the bridge and down the pathway towards the Phantom wood tree.

It is recommended that the player lowers the bridge in the morning because once it becomes night, the area will be completely pitch black and could result in the player falling off the edge or dropping the chopped wood because the area has a narrow pathway.

Once the player has reached the Phantom Wood, the player must use the End Times Axe (Because other axes would either disappear or fall onto the ground without doing damage to the tree) to cut the tree. The player could also choose to use dynamite to do damage to the tree but it would be highly ineffective and do very little damage. It is recommended to not cut the entire tree down, as due to it's large size and intertwined branches it is very likely the tree will fall into the void, possibly taking the player with it. Instead, chop branches off the tree off, and carry those either to the bridge, or to the safari hole.

If the player chooses to take the wood up the bridge, they must either load it into a vehicle and drive forwards and backwards as the bridge rises, or carry the branch as the bridge will likely glitch any loose items, including wood, down into the void.

If the player chooses to drop the wood into the Safari Hole, the player should take care as to not fall into the hole with the branch, as walking back to the bridge from the hole can be very time consuming. It is also recommended to chop the wood into small pieces as to prevent them from getting stuck in the hole. The player must also take care as to not leave the wood in the hole for too long, or the wood may despawn. If a player is to use the safari hole, it is recommended they toss a Worklight in the hole as well as the safari hole exit is quite dark.


There are difficulties in almost every single aspect of traveling to and from the biome: from balancing the ostrich eye to the bridge coming up. The ostrich eye can take anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes to balance. Here, a player is able to balance the eye in an extremely short amount of time.

  1. Balancing the Eyeball on the communication hole without dropping it near Merely or Seranok's feet.
  2. The eyeball is no longer obtainable from Bob's Shack. The only way to get it is through purchasing from or trading with other players.
  3. Holding on to the wood without a vehicle. (Because the bridge would drop the branches once it is raised.)
  4. If the player went at night, they would be unable to see until the sun rises again.
  5. The vehicle has a chance to glitch while the bridge is being lowered down to the abyss and has a possibility of killing the player and dropping their axes.
  6. There is a chance that the tree won't be there because another player previously took it.
  7. If the wood is not recovered from the safari hole quickly, it may despawn.
  8. When chopping the whole tree, there is a chance that the tree can fall into the void. It's recommended to chop the branches off the tree and take those.
  9. The tree usually takes a long time to spawn again, also making it harder to get. It rarely spawns under 30 minutes after the tree is cut.


  1. After the eye has been consumed, purchase extra time from the toll booth.
  2. Never bring a trailer as the trailer is likely to fall off and drag the player and the vehicle down into the void when trying to drive on the pathway.
  3. While the bridge is moving upwards, constantly move your vehicle back and forth to prevent it from glitching.
  4. If multiple players are traveling to the Lone Cave, bring all the vehicles but only take one near the tree due to the risk of getting stuck on each other forcing onto them a grueling task of getting a truck down again.
  5. Val's All-Purpose Hauler is recommended due to the large amount of wood it can carry.
  6. To get the eye in, it is recommended to place a piece of wood behind the hole to help balance the Ostrich Eye.
  7. If running low on storage, throw away the smaller twigs for the larger logs.
  8. If the bridge goes up before they make it back, throw the wood into the Safari Hole.
  9. If the player falls into the void while the end times axe is in their inventory, the axe will not drop and will still be in their inventory when they respawn.
  10. Staying in the Lone Cave for roughly 20-30 minutes will cause you to take constant damage until the bridge goes back up.