Lumber Tycoon 2 is a ROBLOX game made by Defaultio. It is the sequel to the 2008 classic Lumber Tycoon. It had 10,000 online players on the first day of release for several hours. It is one of the top games on Roblox, and it is the game that this Wiki is about.

Note: Although the place was made on July 31, 2009, the official development of the game started around May 29, 2015

The main objective of the game is to chop down trees, sell wood, and purchase items and equipment with money. There are vehicles to purchase and the player can buy a sawmill to increase the value of their logs (creating planks). There are many types of trees, each with different values and their own unique colors.

The game has controller support as well, one of the leaders in this innovation.

As of December 25th, 2018, Lumber Tycoon 2 has accumulated over 452M+ visits with an 87.3% Approval Rating! It also has over 2.5M+ favorites as of December 25th, 2018! It has also been a very popular game after recently being added to the Xbox One version of Roblox.

Construction Stage: Released


The game has some significant and unique biomes: Mountainside, Safari, Swamp, Tropics, and Taiga.


The Taiga, Tropics, Main Biome, Sand Islands, Maze (Semi-Biome), and the End Times Biome, are currently all the biomes in the game. Usually, throughout some time, Defaultio adds some new biomes as he did a few times but he does this rarely.

All of these biomes contain trees, some of which are native to that area such as the Lava Tree being native to the Volcano and the Palm Tree being native to the Sand Islands. All of these trees can be cut down and sold for profit at the Wood Dropoff. Some trees can grow in more than one biome like Elm Wood, Oak Wood, Birch Wood, Spook Wood, and Sinister Wood.


There are only seven stores so far in the game, each selling different items. There are rumors that there will be a boat shop included in a future update.

Yes! – it's the Land Store

Wood R Us

Boxed Cars

Fancy Furnishings

Bob's Shack

Fine Arts Shop

Link's Logic


Main article: Axes

A new addition to the game unlike the first game is different axes. There is a total of eleven different axes, five of which are currently unobtainable unless bought by other players.

Trees & Woods

Main article: Wood

Like the first game there are different types of trees, however, in Lumber Tycoon 2 there are many more unique types of trees all with their own wood types which all sell for different amounts of cash.